Who We Are?

Fine Touch of Green

Avengrass is a brand that manufactures artificial turf and operates in many countries of the world, to bring natural beauty to living and sports fields.

Avengrass, with its high-quality workmanship and superior product understanding, continues its activities to add naturalness and aesthetics to every area of life from sports fields to landscape areas and walkways.

Our brand, which is specialized in quality field design by international standards, offers environmentally friendly solutions for its customers with the turn-key projects it has been done. It makes people experience natural grass in football fields, tennis courts, multi-purpose fields, playgrounds, gardens, parks and private and commercial areas with artificial grass products that are produced with a healthy and aesthetic environment approach.

By analyzing the needs of the sector and constantly renewing itself to provide the most professional service to its customers Avengrass, so far, has signed many innovative projects which were pioneering and exemplary quality.

Because quality is inherent in the Avengrass!










We are here to add naturalness to life!

We are working to achieve this goal, to produce healthier, safer and more aesthetic living spaces we export to 70 countries of the world.


We are here to add naturalness to life!

To become a world-leading brand that improves the environment and quality of life with an innovative, reliable, principled and visionary approach.

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Fine Touch of Green