Rugby Fields

As Avengrass, a well-known industry leader, we specialize in creating high-quality rugby fields that serve as the backdrop for exciting matches. Our painstakingly built rugby fields provide players with a high-performance playing surface that fulfills the sport's stringent criteria. Avengrass guarantees precision, longevity, and a dedication to improving every facet of yopopularizedme.

International Standards


Less Risk of Injury

High Performance

4 Seasons Suitability

Easy Maintenance & Repair

  • Avengrass rugby fields utilize cutting-edge turf technology, giving a playing surface that mimics the feel and performance of natural grass. The innovative materials provide superior traction, ball bounce, and player comfort.
  • Our rugby grounds are designed to endure the sport's harsh demands. Avengrass fields are extremely durable, withstanding heavy use, scrums, and changing weather conditions while requiring little upkeep.
  • Our rugby fields are built in accordance with international and local standards. These fields, meticulously adapted to the International Rugby Federation (IRF) and Turkish Rugby Federation (TRF) standards, meet the technical requirements for organizing rugby competitions at both national and international levels.
  • Avengrass places a premium on player safety. Our rugby fields have shock-absorbing underlayers to reduce injuries during tackles and falls. In the design and building of our fields, safety is a major priority.
  • We provide customization possibilities, allowing you to select from a variety of turf colors, field markings, and logo placements to build a one-of-a-kind and professional-looking rugby field.
  • Our rugby fields are constructed with eco-friendly materials that conserve water, decrease maintenance costs, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future for sporting facilities.


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How much does a rugby field cost?
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Can Avengrass design rugby pitches to meet specific project specifications or branding?
What are the rugby field construction stages?


Football Fields

Avengrass football fie­lds are the ideal are­nas where competition and strate­gy come together se­amlessly. We efficiently establish the infrastructure and drainage system, delivering quality products we've innovated at budget-friendly rates. Once the infrastructure is in place, we install top-notch artificial grass. Our selection of premium filling materials enhances both the grass's longevity and sports comfort. As a leading company specializing in the de­sign and construction of football fields, Avengrass brings the­ thrill and fierce competition of the­ sport to every inch of your field.

Soccer Fields

As Avengrass, a leading company in the industry, we specialize in providing high-quality soccer fields. Our soccer fields are a testament to quality, precisely designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest performance, safety, and sustainability criteria. You can expect nothing less than the best from Avengrass, whether you're looking for a cutting-edge pitch for professional play or a bright and long-lasting field for grassroots soccer. Avengrass soccer grounds will help you improve your game.