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It is not finished after just completing and delivering a sports ground or landscape project with perfect ground! It is also our job to maintain the performance of the floor at the highest level! Our experts provide regular maintenance services to ensure that the field remains comfortable and secure at all times.

You can always seize the perfect view in sports facilities and landscaping areas and make the natural appearance and sustain the quality of your facilities with Avengrass quality improvement and maintenance services. The sufficient care services offered by Avengrass experts are also a natural result of the wholistic view of our service understanding.

After the first application, we are always with you in order to maintain the appearance and performance of our long-lasting artificial turf for a longer period of time and to ensure the comfort it offers.

You may contact us to meet our maintenance services and make your artificial turf areas last longer.

Avengrass professionally maintains artificial grass so that it looks like the first day. It provides repair services to the areas where renewal or repair parts are required on the upper and back parts of the artificial grass it produces.

Whether it is stadium grass, astroturf grass or landscape grass; With its professional team, it offers all maintenance services to its customers in a safe and comfortable manner, regardless of the m2 area.

Other Services


We carry out designs that will turn personal and common use areas into more natural and safe living spaces with the expertise we have.


Thanks to its high technology and strong production network, Avengrass has the ability to transform and instal 5 million m2 of sports and landscaping areas into artificial grass annually.