Tennis Courts

An established leader in the industry, Avengrass, specializes in providing top-notch tennis courts that will improve your tennis experience. Our tennis courts are expertly designed to offer a high-performance playing surface that satisfies the demanding requirements of the sport. Precision, consistency, and longevity are what you can expect from Avengrass, making our courts the ideal option for competitive events, clubs, and amateur players alike.

International Standards


Less Risk of Injury

High Performance

4 Seasons Suitability

Easy Maintenance & Repair

  • Modern artificial turf technology is used on Avengrass tennis courts to create a playing surface that closely resembles the feel and functionality of real grass or clay courts. This cutting-edge surface guarantees dependable ball bouncing and player comfort.
  • Our tennis courts are extremely durable and designed to handle the demands of the game. They are built to withstand frequent usage, rough play, and a variety of weather situations, ensuring a long lifespan with little upkeep.
  • Avengrass is aware of the value of designing tennis courts to meet certain requirements. Our customization tools let you design a unique and expert-looking tennis court, including your choice of turf colors, court markings, and logo placements.
  • Player safety is of the utmost importance. Tennis courts made of Avengrass are built with player safety in mind and feature shock-absorbing underlayers to assist in lowering the possibility of injuries occurring while playing.
  • Avengrass tennis courts are made to require the least amount of upkeep. They require less maintenance and downtime since they are resistant to problems like divots, bald areas, and uneven surfaces.
  • Our tennis courts are meticulously adapted to the standards of the Turkish Tennis Federation (TTF) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and standard.


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Football Fields

Avengrass football fie­lds are the ideal are­nas where competition and strate­gy come together se­amlessly. We efficiently establish the infrastructure and drainage system, delivering quality products we've innovated at budget-friendly rates. Once the infrastructure is in place, we install top-notch artificial grass. Our selection of premium filling materials enhances both the grass's longevity and sports comfort. As a leading company specializing in the de­sign and construction of football fields, Avengrass brings the­ thrill and fierce competition of the­ sport to every inch of your field.

Soccer Fields

As Avengrass, a leading company in the industry, we specialize in providing high-quality soccer fields. Our soccer fields are a testament to quality, precisely designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest performance, safety, and sustainability criteria. You can expect nothing less than the best from Avengrass, whether you're looking for a cutting-edge pitch for professional play or a bright and long-lasting field for grassroots soccer. Avengrass soccer grounds will help you improve your game.