Golf Courses

Avengrass, a renowned expert in the field, specializes in building exclusive golf courses that transform the game. Our precisely planned courses provide golfers with a harmonious fusion of outside beauty and on-course skill. You can count on an unmatched golfing experience with Avengrass, where each swing is complemented with immaculate fairways, outstanding greens, and apopularized to quality.

International Standards


Less Risk of Injury

High Performance

4 Seasons Suitability

Easy Maintenance & Repair

  • Avengrass golf courses are thoughtfully constructed to incorporate the breathtaking natural surroundings of their locales. Our golf courses provide players with a unique visual experience with rolling hills and beautiful water features.
  • We are proud of the superior caliber of our turf. Fairways and greens on Avengrass golf courses are expertly maintained, giving players dependably true and smooth playing surfaces.
  • Avengrass golf courses are renowned for their strategic design, which provides a range of challenges for golfers of all ability levels. They have challenging layouts. Our courses are designed with bunkers, hazards, and undulating greens to challenge and improve players' abilities.
  • Avengrass is dedicated to environmental stewardship. In order to reduce their negative effects on the environment, our golf courses use sustainable landscaping and water-saving techniques in their design.
  • Although natural grass is generally preferred, artificial grass is also used in golf course construction due to some of its advantages.
  • The track includes artificial pools, obstacles consisting of stones and sand dunes.


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Football Fields

Avengrass football fie­lds are the ideal are­nas where competition and strate­gy come together se­amlessly. We efficiently establish the infrastructure and drainage system, delivering quality products we've innovated at budget-friendly rates. Once the infrastructure is in place, we install top-notch artificial grass. Our selection of premium filling materials enhances both the grass's longevity and sports comfort. As a leading company specializing in the de­sign and construction of football fields, Avengrass brings the­ thrill and fierce competition of the­ sport to every inch of your field.

Soccer Fields

As Avengrass, a leading company in the industry, we specialize in providing high-quality soccer fields. Our soccer fields are a testament to quality, precisely designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest performance, safety, and sustainability criteria. You can expect nothing less than the best from Avengrass, whether you're looking for a cutting-edge pitch for professional play or a bright and long-lasting field for grassroots soccer. Avengrass soccer grounds will help you improve your game.