Amaan Stadium Renovation and Capacity Expansion Project

Excitement is brewing as Tanzania's significant transformation project in the world of sports continues at the Amaan Stadium. Integral Spor is determined to increase the stadium's capacity to 15,000 people and build additional sports facilities as part of this prestigious project. Here are the details of this magnificent endeavor:

1. Stadium Capacity Increased to 15,000

The renovation of Amaan Stadium aims to increase its capacity to accommodate 15,000 people. This is a development that will enhance participation in sports events in Tanzania and the ability to host large-scale events.

2. New Soccer Fields

In addition to the project, two soccer fields, each accommodating 500 people, will be constructed. This is a significant step for nurturing young talents and fostering the development of soccer.

3. Basketball Court and Indoor Sports Arena

Basketball enthusiasts will be delighted with the inclusion of a new basketball court and a modern indoor sports arena. This underscores the commitment to supporting different disciplines within sports. Athletes of all ages will have the opportunity to train and improve here.

4. Indoor Judo Arena

For judo enthusiasts, an indoor judo arena will be part of this project. The goal is to increase interest in martial arts.

5. Modern Hotel and Café

As part of the Amaan Stadium renovation project, a modern hotel and a cozy café will be constructed to provide comfortable accommodation for those attending sports events. This will ensure that visitors have a delightful experience.

6. VIP Car Parking Area

Another essential component of the project is a dedicated VIP car parking area. This aims to enhance the comfort and security of those visiting the stadium.

The completion of this captivating project will not only boost Tanzania's sports tourism potential but also provide more opportunities for local athletes. Integral Spor is resolute in elevating Tanzania's Amaan Stadium to international standards, thereby contributing to the development of sports.

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