Democratic Republic of Congo Football Field Construction

Avengrass's artificial grass football field project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a significant initiative supporting sports and community unity.

In the process of constructing the artificial grass football field, the first step was to choose a suitable location based on the area's suitability and needs. Following the site selection, the field was constructed using modern and durable materials. The project included not only the installation of artificial grass but also details such as a small grandstand, lighting systems, and security measures surrounding the area.

The participation and opinions of the local community have played a crucial role in the project. Throughout the work, the needs and expectations of the local population were taken into account, aiming for the artificial grass field to serve not only as a sports facility but also as a focal point for social interaction and community gathering.

The project was initiated to emphasize the unifying power of sports, encouraging young people to engage in physical activities and enhancing solidarity within the community. Avengrass continues to contribute sustainably and positively to communities through such projects.

Our Projects

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone 6.000 Capacity Football Stadium

Our project, which was realized as a turnkey project in only 9 months in the African city of Sierra Leone Bo, will soon be ready for the official opening. In this facility, where we have considered FIFA standards, the following stadium construction stages have been implemented by our expert team


Amaan Stadium Renovation and Capacity Expansion Project

Excitement is brewing as Tanzania's significant transformation project in the world of sports continues at the Amaan Stadium. Integral Spor is determined to increase the stadium's capacity to 15,000 people and build additional sports facilities as part of this prestigious project.